Duck Tiles puzzle game logo image Duck Tiles Puzzle Game

Play Duck Tiles game and move all the ducks in the bath to the drain. Fabulous fun online brain teaser using ducks, sponges and bars of soap.

This game just shows how a simple concept can be taken and developed into a testing game that will keep players involved for hours. There are 72 levels which to master and each level gets more difficult as you progress.


Play Duck Tiles Puzzle Game

Duck Tiles screen shot image combo Duck Tiles is an online brain teaser that will teach strategy and planning. The aim of the game is to move the little ducks from where they are on the screen to the bath drain pipe. If you plan your moves ahead you will succeed.

While Duck Tiles does get more difficult the more levels you play, you will find that your brain improves also and finds ways to get those ducks into the drain faster and faster.

Really this is the whole point of playing games, to enjoy the challenge and improve the brain skills required at the same time.

Forward thinking educators realize that playing computer games is fun and educational. Fuddy duddy's think playing computer games is bad for kids. Let's not tell them the real truth because they might keep the best games for themselves if they find out how much fun it is.

Sorry, I digress! Duck Tiles is a great game for kids and older players. Even grandpa will enjoy this, so make sure you share it with the whole family, and make doubly sure to show anyone who is a fuddy duddy too!

Anyway, is Duck Tiles a good game or not? That is the question! Well yes it is! Graphics are simple, music is perky without being annoying and the puzzles are fun while giving the brain a great workout.

The best thing about Duck Tiles is that it's totally free to play online right here, so why not try it yourself.

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Duck Tiles Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • In the beginning, each level has certain hints to start to get you used to the moves
  • You hover your mouse above the object you want to move which then gives you red arrows
  • Click the arrow in the direction you decide is the best direction to move
  • Sponges cannot be moved
  • Use soap to help with strategy, for example: level nine move all the soap first and block off the dead ends before moving the duck