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Travel to ancient Rome, save the Emperors daughter and gain status with the Roman citizens. Play Romance Of Rome online for free, no download required. Fabulous hidden item game, Romance Of Rome is a must have addition to any serious game players collection.

We highly recommend Romance Of Rome as a hidden item game of high quality, good length and interesting challenge. Now you can play Romance Of Rome online below and see what all the hype is about. Enjoy this hidden item game as it is one of the best yet developed.


Play Romance Of Rome Online

Romance Of Rome hidden item game screen imageRomance Of Rome is one of the more difficult hidden items games yet encountered, so for the serious hidden item hunter, this game is of great value. With excellent era related graphics, several varieties of treasure hunting and a good solid story line, Romance Of Rome is a must have game in your war chest.

You play as Marcus, a young but poor Roman, who aspires to better days ahead. By chance he saves the Emperors daughter from an attack by wolves, and this gives him the chance to rise up from lowly peasant, enter the world of Roman nobility and take the hand of the Emperors lovely daughter in marriage.

But of course you can't marry into nobility with out the necessary cash, so you must search for treasure, gain some personal status and find stolen artifacts from the Roman Forum, before claiming your bride.

Romance Of Rome has a bit of everything, with some items being placed into inventory for later use, plus a shopping side, where you can spend your money earned to raise your status with the citizens of Rome. No time limit game play combined with unlimited hints allow you to fully explore all the locations in a relaxed manner. Items can be hard to find, but set your mind to thinking small and they should be revealed.

Romance Of Rome Game Hints, Tips, Romance Of Rome Walkthrough

  • There is no timer in the game, so take can your time and fully enjoy the game, Romance of Rome, as a relaxed hidden item game at your own leisure.
  • Random clicking does not receive any penalty.
  • Romance of Rome hints are unlimited but there is a delay while the hint meter recharges.
  • Each scene contains items that you must find. Some items will go into inventory for later use.
  • Every item you find gives you money to spend on increasing your personal status.
  • There are also 5 coins at each location to collect for additional money.