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You are the sole survivor of an unfortunate plash crash, stranded on a deserted tropical island somewhere in the Pacific ocean. You must find your way off this deserted island before you perish.

Luckily there are plenty of items which will make your survival more likely, but time is the essence and you must race against the clock to protect yourself. Search the island for survival equipment, medicines and food and perhaps a map that will allow you to escape this hidden island and return home.


Lost on Hidden Island Hidden Object Game

Lost on Hidden Island game Screen Image Lost on Hidden Island is a wonderful hidden item game, totally free to play online below. While not overly difficult, some items are cleverly hidden within each scene, blending in with the scenes foliage and concealed against the background.

Lost on Hidden Island is a junk yard style game, where you search for items on a list. You do have a time limit to beat, so don't take too long or you must replay the scene again.

You do get 3 hints to help you beat the clock, but sometimes an item may be cleverly hidden that well to put pressure on you to finish the scene in the given time.

As this is a totally free online hidden item game, Lost on Hidden Island gets a big thumbs up for game length, graphics and difficulty. Lost on Hidden Island is quite good and will keep you occupied for an hour or more searching the island for all those hidden items. Play Lost on Hidden Island online below. You should enjoy this free hidden item game a lot.

Lost on Hidden Island Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Lost on Hidden Island gives 3 hints for each scene.
  • Hints do not accumulate so you can use them every scene.
  • Try to save your 3 hints until you only have 3 items left to find.
  • This way you can use the hint button and be sure to beat the timer.
  • Look for fuzzy patches in the scenes, which usually mean there is an hidden item that doesn't blend with the background scene so well.