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Play Annie's Millions hidden item game online for free. Fabulous spending spree game where hidden items are valued objects that will net you your uncle's fortune. Annie's Millions online hidden item game is totally free. No downloading or signup required.

Annie's Millions is a fast paced hidden item hunt, where your keen eye for a quality bargain is only matched by your speed in deciding how to spend up big. It's just a huge shopping spree, where the winner gets vast amounts of money and the loser gets to spend a million. Is there really a loser?


Play Annie's Millions Hidden Item Game Online

Annie's Millions hidden Item Game Screen Image. This is not a game, this is a dream! How would it be to have to spend a million dollars on a bang up shopping spree, and if you do it fast and wisely, you can have many more millions of dollars from your uncle.

Well, play this hidden item game called Annie's Millions and live the dream, for a few hours anyway.

Nice graphics and soft audio add mood to each scene, but you don't need much motivation searching all the junk yard style scenes to keep spending in the hope of inheriting your uncles fortune.

Perhaps your uncle is just testing you to see if you could handle the pressure of having a few million sitting in the bank. Just gimme the money, that's pressure I could surely handle.

Annie's Millions Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Like most hidden item games you need to find all of the hidden objects on the list.
  • There's no penalty for incorrect clicks, but your mouse will spin around losing you time.
  • There is no actual timer, but you do have your time recorded to show how long it took to complete each round.
  • You can earn extra hints by finding items quickly.
  • There are mini games that you can play which will give you a full hint on completion.