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Play Toy Massacre online, save Woodsy's castle structure from thieving toys. Don't just push them, massacre the whole lot so they can't come back and steal again. Toy Massacre is a fun fighting game totally free to play online, no download or registration required.

Graphically, they don't come much better than Toy Massacre. Add a touch of good music and fierce action from start to finish and a simple game becomes a killing frenzy, where you can score huge points or go home crying to mommy.


Toy Massacre

Toy Massacre screen shot imageWoodsy is a toy who is a bit like Pinoccio. He is having a bit of trouble with other toys at the moment. They are trying to steal his blocks and other things. He is fighting mad and able to defend himself but you need to help him.

There is something so profound in seeing a toy defend his own kingdom. Perhaps some would call it psychotic, "Do Gooders" might call for this computer game to be banned, while most of us who just love a bit of fun would take Toy Massacre as an enjoyable game, purely because it isn't real and we have the brains to know that.

Toy Massacre is a mindless, senseless game, full of killing and blood, but who ever said you can't have a little laugh at the world. Only sicko's would see Toy Massacre for anything else but a computer game, where the action is to stop the thieves from stealing your blocks.

So remembering that computer games are fun, Toy Massacre is certainly a joyous tilt at scoring points by eliminating wave after wave of toys who are trying to make you cry. And yes, those toys are mean and hurtful, so it's entirely up to you if you have the speed and cunning to out-wit, out-last and out-play the toys.

Some say that our hero Woodsy is psychotic. I say that if you can help him defeat those evil toys, Woodsy will be a happy piece of wood. Play Toy Massacre online below and see if you can help Woodsy stay, kind of, "normal".

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Toy Massacre Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use the keypads arrows to move left or right
  • "A" key cuts high
  • "S" key cuts low
  • Make sure that no toy takes a block from your castle by slaughtering the toy with your sword
  • How can you cheat? Just keep killing the toys as they enter and you don't need a cheat.
  • The secret hint is "Be good to all toys called Woodsy"