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Play Kill The Dragons online fighting game. Fight fire breathing dragons, slay them before they kill you. Evade the dragons fire while delivering your best shots. Hold your nerve and you will prevail. Fight fire with fire. Throw flaming bombs while the dragons try to BBQ you.


Play Kill The Dragons Online

Kill The Dragons screen shot image. Kill The Dragons is a straight forward dragon fighting game that once you get the hang of the fighting method you then just have to concentrate on avoiding the dragons fiery breath and hitting your targets.

The graphics are fairly basic, but like most flash games, the developers are either single game developers more interested in game coding instead of graphics design or small start up companies with limited resources, therefore graphics in this Kill The Dragons game gets a thumbs up from me.

The game seems to freeze if you move up to the dividing line between you, the player, and the dragons. Runs smoothly the further you are from the dragon targets.

There are powerups to give you greater fire powers and you do need a bit of strategy to keep advancing through the different levels. For a free fighting game, Kill The Dragons is a good game to pass some time.

Kill The Dragons Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Control the player by moving your mouse around the screen
  • Hold the left mouse button down to give shots more power
  • Left click to throw hot rocks
  • Take out the left dragon first so you avoid other dragons fire
  • Make sure you get the powerups as they appear to give greater hit strength