Fat Ninja game logo image Fat Ninja Online Farting Game

Can you knock people out with a single fart. Fat Ninja Can. Play Fat Ninja fun, farting, fighting game. Get Fat Ninja past the guards without being detected. Enjoy playing online and fart your way to the end.

Fighting and farting seem to go together and this brave Ninja has got the game down perfectly. With a few well placed judo chops and a bit of unhealthy gas, Fat Ninja can sneak past the guards and complete his mission without a stink. It's good to have a secret weapon, a sneaky fart can cause a hundred ferocious warriors to melt in their shoes. Play Fat Ninja Online. It's awesome!


Fat Ninja Online Farting Game

fat ninja screen image Fat Ninja is just a great game of fun and good for a laugh. You don't need much skill, just a good sense of humor and a bit of gas. Fat Ninja goes by the premise of "if you can't knock em out, fart them out".

Now the game scenario is that you have to get this great big Fat Ninja past the guards without being seen. Bit hard going by his size but if you are seen then you can attack the guards and knock them out using your Ninja stick or just farting. (I like the way the guards dissolve when you fart.)

Unfortunately you haven't got enough gas for everyone so you use your fighting skill, as all good ninjas would, to get through the levels and gain better equipment. Just wait until you get a sword, you slice em good then.

In the mean time, practice your farting skills. I mean fighting skills. Oh well, you know what I mean. Just play Fat Ninja and enjoy the challenge.

Fat Ninja Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • To clear each level, you must analyze the positions of security guards and take every step wisely to reduce the risk of mission failure.
  • Use the various attacking options according to the scenario
  • Always keep an eye on the health and alarm status and don't forget to view detailed control instructions inside the game.
  • Use Arrow Keys to move forward - back - jump - crouch
  • Attack from Back Z Key
  • Hide Z Key
  • Opening Doors Z Key
  • Attack Space Bar
  • Super Attack (farting) X Key
  • Fighting Space Bar