Bully Basher Fighting Game Logo ImageBully Basher Fighting Game

Play Bully Basher online fighting game. Stop being a nerd and take the fight up to the bullies. Play Bully Basher online fighting game free today and bash a bully for a change! Sometimes you have to say enough is enough.

If you have ever been bullied, you know what we are saying. Rise all of you who have ever been bullied. Jump online and load this game page. Fight back now and Bash a Bully, just because you can.


Play Bully Basher Fighting Game

Bully Basher Screen Shot ImageThis is a fairly simple boxing style game with a story line of the nerd fights back scenario. I always salute flash game developers of this ilk just for the time they give and then making the game free for us mere mortals to play online.

While this game will get the nerds (who are not renown for their boxing ability) in a frenzy and the bullies of this world will think Bully Basher sucks, it isn't a bad fighting game to pass away an half hour or two just having some fun.

Graphics are fair and the game ran smoothly without a glitch, now there's a positive or two. Bully Basher probably won't reach the dizzying heights of game immortality but will find it's nitch among those just wanting a little fun, the nerds of this world and webmasters like me wanting free content for their websites.

Bullies... well they can please themselves I suppose!

Bully Basher Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use the key board arrows to move
  • Press A S D keys to fight
  • Try to make boxing combination punches by hitting the A & S keys rapidly
  • Walk close to the bully to knock him out!