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Play free Hairdresser game online and give the girl the best style she has ever had. Hairdresser Games is a totally free dress up game and fun to play. Dazzle your boyfriend with the latest hair style made especially for him.

Just like a virtual hair salon, you can change the look or style of hair to what you like best. Color, tint or curl, you will be looking great at the click of a button. Play hairdresser games online.


Play Online Hairdresser Game

Hairdresser Games Screen Shot Image It's almost time for your boyfriend to pick you up for first real hot date, so you need to be looking your greatest. Now how can you look chic if your hair isn't exactly perfect. How about we give you a great hair style, perhaps a bit of color and a few curls would look great too.

Hairdresser Game is a fun and easy to play online game where you give yourself a great hairstyle before going on a date. Use all the different appliances and try different colors to get the best look to suit your own style.

There is only one person you need to impress and that is yourself. If you don't like the way you look, how could anybody else, so go for the look that you think suits you just right and everyone else will fall in love with you.

So come on now and get your hair made up, your beau will be waiting, so get your hair fixed right and dazzle him with your beauty.

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Hairdresser Games Hints Tips Cheats

  • Use you mouse to click on items you want to use
  • When finished with an item just click to the side to release the item
  • You can add up to 3 different hair colors It is possible to give one hair layer curls, another waves and the last hair layer may be straight
  • If you click the drawers they will open and reveal additional appliances.