Slingo Deluxe bingo game logo imageSlingo Deluxe Online Numbers Game

Online bingo game, play Slingo Deluxe and you get the chance to win prizes. The free online game of Slingo Deluxe only covers a few levels but it's still quite enjoyable.

The full game certainly gets more challenging as you progress through the levels, but who complains when you can play an exciting game such as Slingo Deluxe totally free.


Slingo Deluxe Online Numbers Game

Slingo Deluxe game screen image Is it online bingo? Is it super slots? Is it a numbers game? It's Slingo Deluxe, a combination of all 3 games rolled into one package.

Slingo Deluxe is a fairly exciting play on the old bingo style numbers game, where you need to match numbers on a playing card with what is drawn from a barrel or pack. In Slingo Deluxe, these numbers are drawn from a slots tumbler and in typical bingo style, you then match the number on the game card.

There are several differences playing Slingo Deluxe to what occurs in bingo in that you can tumble up bonus points, free spins and jokers that you can use to cover any number you choose on that column.

Sound confusing, well don't worry, there's nothing to it and once you play Slingo Deluxe once or twice you will soon get the hang of things.

Slingo Deluxe Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Match the pattern indicated on each new playing card to move onto the next level
  • You must match the pattern otherwise you don't go forward
  • Use the joker spins to make matches in the pattern
  • There are 5 columns so each number that is spun up represents that column above the number
  • Numbers and jokers can only be played in the column above
  • At the end of the round you will be asked if you want to play bonus spins. Always say yes for the first time as this uses any free spins you may have accumulated.
  • Never click "cash out" as this ends the game.