Sheriff Tripeaks logo imageSherrif Tripeaks Online Card Game

Play Sheriff Tripeaks free online card game. Over 10 levels of challenging classic tripeaks play. Sherif Tripeaks is certainly one card game I play often. The early stages are fairly easy and the higher levels are qite difficult. One mistake and you will be very hard pressed to win.


Sheriff Tripeaks Card Game

Sheriff Tripeaks screen shot image Playing Sheriff Tripeaks is kind of different solitaire style card game where you can only play cards that are either one number above or below that are shown.

If you can't make a match then you need to play one card from the deck until you either solve the game or lose by not being able to move.

Totally free to play online, we offer Sheriff Tripeaks from our site or you can embed the html code on your own webpages to offer your visitors.

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