Once Upon a Time in Chicago game logo image. Once Upon a Time in Chicago Card Game

Play Once Upon a Time in Chicago online bingo game. Relive the gangster days of Chicago, fill bingo cards for huge rewards.

There is a certain strategy involved by playing cards in certain orders and right decisions to make on how you fill in the cards. Gangsters and their moles proudly strut their stuff with bingo cards, flashing lights and gaudy women as themes.


Play Once Upon a Time in Chicago Online

Once Upon a Time in Chicago game screen shot image. Once Upon a Time in Chicago takes you back to the roaring 20's when gangsters ruled the streets of Chicago. Speakeasy's were entertainment venue's, people drank bootleg liquor and danced the night away. Goons carried machine guns in violin cases and the sound of jazz filled the night air.

Chicago was a melting pot of crime and passion, illegal gambling drove the underground economy with gangsters regarded as kings.

Relive the heady days again playing Once Upon a Time in Chicago. Touted as a card or board game, Once Upon a Time in Chicago is a relaxed bingo style game in the style of Lottso Deluxe. That game was heralded as "Bingo Gone Berserk" but sadly we can't say the same for Once Upon a Time In Chicago.

You spin the wheel and match numbers with those on a card. There are bonus numbers and other power plays that will give you high payouts, with the aim of the game collecting as much cash as you can. While luck plays a huge, part you can influence the outcome by the choices you make. Mini games are scratch cards where you pick a number out of 3 and find out how much you won.

Graphics are really colorful with the 30's era in the forefront. You can select your avatar at the beginning of the game them your ready to choose either the timed or untimed mode of play to see if you can make it big.

Once Upon a Time in Chicago Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Flashing Lights Any cards that are surrounded with flashing lights will give two or even three times the normal payout, so be sure to fill those first and rack up the points!
  • Free Space Filling The free spaces on your cards can be filled with any number ball you get, but the game will choose a random one if you simply click on that space. Be sure to select a specific number or wait until you have matched all of your numbers so that you're using a number without a match to fill that free space.
  • Flipped Card Continuation When playing in timed mode, you can continue a match onto the next round if you were not able to complete it before the timer ran out. You card will be left exactly how you had it previously so you can just complete the card and gain your points the following round!