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Nertz Solitaire is wonderful family friendly game playing solitaire card games against the nutty Nertz squirrel family. Now you don't have to be even the slightest bit nutty to enjoy this online game. We could say it helps but that wouldn't be nice.

What we can say is although we are completly nutty, we still enjoyed the challenge even if we were defeated game after game. Do you think we are total losers or what? We know you are winners. Give Nertz Solitaire a whirl. It's pretty good!


Play Nertz Solitaire Card game Online

Nertz Solitaire game screen shot Not the ordinary game of solitaire, Nertz Solitaire is a fantastic, family fun game that you just can't help falling in love with.

In fact Nertz Solitaire has built up a huge following, so if you haven't played this fun twist of the classic solitaire card game, grab the free download right now below this game review and have a go.

With nutty squirrels such as Baby, Cousin, Sister, Nutzy, Dad, Mom, Gramps and Grammy to pit your solitaire skills against, the more cards you place on Score Piles, the more points you earn.

But you better be quick because those nutty squirrels are trying to take the points from you.

Not exactly madcap mayhem, but with 3 exhilarating game modes, easy medium and hard levels and 8 nutty opponents, this game of solitaire is anything but boring.

Nertz Solitaire Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Start by choosing either Quick Play, Classic Nertz or Championship mode
  • Build Piles allow you to temporarily "park" cards, highest to lowest on alternating colors, while looking for score opportunities.
  • Basically the more cards you place on Score Piles, the more points you earn.