Gaps Solitaire Logo Image Gaps Solitaire Online Card Game

Play Gaps Solitaire free card game online. Enjoy solving puzzle of gaps by filling in with cards matching the same suit and corresponding numbers. Gaps Solitaire is fast loading flash game, totally free.

Pity we can't fill the gaps in our lives as easily as this card game makes it. Come on, get along now. Play this free card game and stop listening to my dribble.


Gaps Solitaire Online Card Game

Gaps Solitaire Screen Shot ImageFree online card games don't get much better than this flash beauty.

Gaps Solitaire won't give you gray hairs for it's hard play, but it will put a smile on your dial because of the nice graphics, easy to listen to music and good challenge.

You have a deck of cards laid out in front of you by the dealer and you fill in the gaps with matching card suits. When you have all the cards aligned in the right order and in the correct suit, Gaps Solitaire declares that you are a winner.

We know your a winner anyway, so you don't need an online card game dealer to tell you.

Simple yet fun, play Gaps Solitaire and have a few minutes enjoyment or a few hours. It's totally a free online card game and totally addictive.

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Gaps Solitaire Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Hover you mouse pointer over the gaps and the game shows you the cards available to be moved into that position
  • Choose cards that match the card adjacent to each card suit
  • Don't give in on the first try as you have several deals to finish each game