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This is totally different. A card game linked with the fashion scene. Amazing! Play Fashion Solitaire and enjoy the fast action of the fashion industry.

Fashion Solitaire is a unique card game where you make the latest trend your own. Playing online solitaire just got more fun than ever before.


Play Fashion Solitaire Online Card Game

Fashion Solitaire Screen Combo ImageDid you ever think that the simple game of solitaire would one day become a fashion statement? Well I couldn't believe it either but this game, Fashion Solitaire, is truly a unique experience and one that is certainly enjoyable.

The game revolves around a pack of cards with clothing items on the face and you match the clothes to a model, making some fabulous designs and meeting the demands of the models.

At the end of each round you get to host your own fashion show and you can also create your own fashion garments which can be displayed on the cards, replacing ones already in the deck.

The real bonus of this game is the thrill of being able to choose 8 designs that become your fashion "signature". You then can take a snapshot of them and actually send them via email to your friends. Now this is certainly unique and fabulous fun. Get the Fashion Solitaire free download now and start your fashion journey today!

Fashion Solitaire Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • There is a walkthrough tutorial at the start of the game and game host who gives hints and tips between levels.
  • You'll gain bonus cash if you exceed the minimum number of specifications each model demands.
  • Any bonus cash you've earned can be used to buy more patterns and clothing types.