FMX Team Motocross Bike Riding Game Logo Image. FMX Team Motocross Bike Game

Play FMX Team online and enjoy motocross madness totally free. Play FMX Team Motocross racer free online and rise to the challenge of this fun biking game. Jumps and stunts give you awesome scores plus you can unlock new areas to make your online game so much more enjoyable. BMX Bike racing just got serious!

This is dirt bike action at it's best and the best part is that FMX Team Motocross is a totally free game to play online.


FMX Team Motocross Bike Game

First level screenshot in FMX Team bike racing game.FMX Team is a fabulous online motocross racer game play over 15 exciting levels where you are in total control of jumps and stunts. You have a choice of 3 team racer bikers who all do different stunts, plus you can unlock new stunts for each rider to learn.

FMX Team is played with keyboard controls, using the arrow pad to move forward and keyboard numbers to perform stunts. Stunts give greater points and your challenge is to rack up the highest points possible while staying on your bike.

Graphics are nice and the controls are very responsive, so we are sure you are going to have a great time playing this easy to learn flash game. The game has good replay value due to the choice of different riders, stunt options and unlockable areas. This makes the 15 levels become more like 50 levels and each time you play FMX Team from the start, you would probably perform different stunts, which also directly effects the overall outcome and end score.

Don't forget to bookmark this page so you can come back often to challenge your best score. FMX Team is something that you can enjoy alone or share with your friends, so get to it now and see what score you can rack up. Can you be the best bike rider in the FMX team?


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Alex Trax Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • UP arrow to drive forward
  • DOWN arrow to brake
  • LEFT and RIGHT arrows to lean forward or backward
  • 1, 2, or 3 number keys for tricks
  • SPACE key to pause game
  • The more tricks you perform the higher score you gain
  • Unlock extra stunts for each rider