Alex Trax Dirt Bik game logo image Alex Trax Dirt Bike Game

Play Alex Trax Online Dirt Bike Game. Arguably one of the best dirt bike games online, help Alex Trax up and down the hills and bumps making sure you shift your weight to keep the dirt bike stable.

You must collect items in order to progress through to the next level and your skill as a bike rider is tested to the max. Play Alex Trax online. It's one of the better dirt bike games around today.


Alex Trax Dirt Bike Game

Alex Trax Dirt Bike Game screen shot image Similar to the original Dirt Bike game, yet containing superbly draw graphics, plus challenging game levels, Alex Trax takes the art of online BMX riding to a new level.

You have to navigate your way over humps and bumps without falling of your dirt bike. There are certain items you must gather as you progress in each level that is the key to unlocking the next level.

There is no time limit to finish a level, but scores are racked up, so the quicker you can finish each level the more points you will accumulate.

Alex Trax is fast becoming one of the more popular online games and the developer has done a fabulous job to keep the game interesting, without making the game play too easy or too hard. Riding a BMX bike over dunes and bumps takes some skill as you can get stuck on particularly pointed slopes if you are not too careful.

Alex Trax is a fun free online dirt bike game so bookmark this page so you can return often. Enjoy Alex Trax BMX Rider now!

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Alex Trax Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use the keyboard arrows to control your bike
  • Up arrow moves forward
  • Down arrow moves backward
  • Left arrow sits back
  • Right arrow sits forward.
  • When you are in the air, do stunts to gain extra points