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Play Worm Sojourn and help guide Winston the Worm through a everlasting mine field of stumbling blocks. Worm Sojourn is a fast paced test of coordination that will stretch the best players patience.

As a free action game, Worm Sojourn is certainly a fair challenge and quite well developed both graphically and for playability factors. Can you keep Winston Worm alive?


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Worm Sojourn game screen combo image Worm Sojourn is a real test of hand eye coordination where you use the left and right keyboard arrows to guide a cute little worm through an absolute minefield of red blocks that can kill poor Winston in one hit.

I would like to see clearer playing instructions, what each of the power ups can do to assist the player in the game and perhaps a bit more detail on how you actually play the game instead of just saying use the keyboard, but as it's totally free, you must expect some short comings from an otherwise excellent presentation.

The game is played at a fast pace right from the word go. You need to evade the red blocks that are rising from the bottom of screen and collect different power ups that are intermingled with the red blocks.

There are lots of red blocks but if you can collect bombs you can blow them up and some turn into green blocks with various numbers that you can collect for points. You are given 3 bombs at the start of the game so try to collect all the bombs to make your progression easier.

As I have stated above, this is a good challenge of skills and will certainly test the patience of many. Try it below, it's totally free and good fun. Enjoy!

Worm Sojourn Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use the left and right keyboard arrows to guide Winston the Worm through the maze of red bricks
  • Hit a red block and you lose a life
  • Hit the space bar to activate bombs which eliminate all red bricks on the screen at that time.
  • Using the bombs allow you to collect all the power ups and bonus items without danger of hitting red blocks
  • Don't hit the side of the playing field as this is the same as hitting a red block.