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Temple Guardian Tower Defense Game

Play Temple Guardian online and build towers to defend the sacred Temple of Lightning and Fire. Temple Guardian is free to play online and a good test of strategy skill. Temple Guardian has you defending the sacred Temple of Lightning and Fire against waves of enemy attacks.


Temple Guardian Tower Defense Game

Temple Guardian is a great tower defense game from 9mine.com and certainly takes a dose of strategy to rack up a good score. If you have never played tower defense games before, the crux of the game is that you need to construct defense towers in positions where you can repel waves of enemy creeps from getting through to the exit point.

Temple Guardian screen image There are a variety of creeps with varying degrees of resistance to kill, and of course, the more levels you pass the harder things get.

Each kill gives you a small amount of gold with which you buy additional towers. Place these in the best position and you keep passing, let some enemies through your defense and you lose.

Temple Guardian is a good take on the tower defense game genre with interesting creeps and various levels of difficulty. As a free game this is really cool and something you can spend hours playing, trying to better your scores.

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Temple Guardian Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Place your towers in the best spots and buy upgrades to give them more killing power
  • Sometimes an upgraded tower is a better option than heaps of ordinary towers.
  • Use brick blocks and nets to trap the creeps which allows you to kill them easier
  • If you trap the horse and cart it will pay more gold as you kill it
  • Buy the Lightening Tower as quick as you can as this will help you win the battle