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Play Mouze Maze online and plot your way through the maze of mystery. Mouze Maze totally free action arcade game where your mouse needs steady guidance to conquer the maze.

Mouze Maze is more an action arcade game than a puzzle game because the way through the maze is fairly clear, it's being steady yet fast that makes for a good score.


Play Mouze Maze Free Online Action Game

Mouze Maze Screen Image Mouze Maze probably should have been named Mouse Maze as the object of the game is to move your mouse pointer around a series of maze objects in the quickest time possible.

Finding your way from start to finish is easy enough, but you do need a steady hand and good spatial abilities to get through the various maze object, hit the walls or the many cunningly designed moving objects and back to the start you go.

I like the simplicity yet challenging game play and turning the mouse cursor into a twinkling sparkle is a good added effect. I enjoyed playing Mouze Maze very much and will certainly give it a go often for some light yet challenging game time.

Play Mouze Maze online below and bookmark the page so you can come back again for more. It's a fun action game and the best part is it's totally free, no download, no sign-up, no registration!

Mouze Maze Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Click on the start to activate the game in each level
  • When your cursor turns into a sparkle move it to the finish line
  • Avoid hitting the walls or other objects
  • When there are levels with moving objects to work through, take your time, as it's better to get through alive than starting over again.
  • Play Mouze Maze Online Free, No download.