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Kalorie King Weight Loss Game

Play Kalorie King online and simulate a weight loss regime. Fabulous calorie counting game, Kalorie King lets you lose weight for throwing away bad food, but you gain weight if you eat junk food.

Kalorie King is a totally free online weight loss game, so start on your weight loss journey now and become the Biggest Loser.


Kalorie King Weight Loss Game

kalorie King screen shot image.It's not easy shedding those extra pounds and playing Kalorie King isn't easy either, but it is a lot of fun. This simple game has you tossing away the bad junk food that pile on the extra pounds and eating the good food, thereby losing weight.

Each level you have a weight goal to reach that allows you to move to the next level. What you have to do is pull a bad food item from the shelves above your head and then shoot it back up in a position that makes 3 or more matches of the same food type.

When you make matches, this releases food from the ledges and eliminates them from the game screen.

Now here's the tricky part. If you catch bad food in your bowl, you gain weight, but if you catch good food, you take weight off and that is the point of the game, to take off unwanted pounds.

Just one more thing. If you are not quick enough, the roof lowers and squishes you, so hurry to throw out those bad junk foods and remember to avoid catching the bad stuff like hamburgers and sweets.

Ah, life wasn't meant to be easy, and neither is losing weight, but if you watch your calorie intake you can prove to be the biggest loser.

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Kalorie King Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Don't take too long selecting food to make matches or the roof will fall and squash you.
  • Remember to stay away from the bad food as it falls and clears the game screen.
  • It is better to not catch any food if you can't clearly catch the good food.
  • Play Kalorie King Online.