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Jumpin' Jack Arcade Game

Play Jumpin Jack the fabulous arcade game just released. Just like the favorite arcade games we all love so much, Jumpin Jack takes you on a journey that's fun and full of action packed levels.

While you battle your way through the underworld, you also explore secret worlds that hold many treasures. You aim is to save Jack's family, so don't tarry too long and become a tourist, keep to the task at hand and ensure all of the family is safe.


Jumpin' Jack Arcade Game

Jumpin Jack Screen Shot image If your looking for a family friendly game that delivers fun, just like the great arcade games of yesteryear, such as Jazz Jack Rabbit and Sonic the Hedgehog, Jumpin Jack is what you are looking for.

The family of Jumpin Jack has been kidnapped by the evil underground demons and you must help Jumpin Jack fight the demons and free the family.

This is a classic run and jump, bounce and collect platform game spread over 35 fabulous levels, where grabbing as many coins and eliminating the enemy is all in the grand adventure. You use the weird and wacky acrobatic inventions to bounce your way through some of the best placed obstacles imaginable, all the while grabbing those valuable coins while avoiding certain death if your concentration falters.

There are 7 stunning worlds with graphics that simply are gorgeous. Audio is funky, characters are more than cute and the overall production is absolute first rate.

Don't even hesitate to give this game a try, you will fall in love with Jumpin' Jack. Grab the free download of Jumpin Jack right now and start playing this terrific action packed game now!

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Jumpin Jack Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Over 35 levels
  • Seven stunning game worlds
  • Seven breathtaking boss battles
  • 20 different enemies