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Hit Bush With Shoe Game

George Bush is in trouble again. Take aim, throw shoe at Bush and hit old George right in the kisser. It's fun and you won't get hauled off to jail for throwing a shoe at George Bush.

Even after all this time people still love having a go at poor old george. Can you hit Bush with a shoe right between the eyes? Play Hit Bush with Shoe game online. The shoes are free!


Play Hit Bush With Shoe Online Game

Hit Bush With Shoe Screen Shot Image Here's a way to throw shoes at President Bush and not get thrown in the slammer for doing it. What could be more fun than throwing shoes at ole Georgie Porgie? Well not much could beat that, so right now you can take aim at George Bush, throw your best shoes and hit him right in the kisser.

Now this is just a fun game, so we don't want all you guys hurling your size 10's at George's head. Do that right here online and have your fun on your computer.

If you try to throw a shoe at President George in the real world, brother you are in for some big trouble. But the good news is you can get away with it scott free here online.

Yep, it's George season, not duck season. So load up your blue suede shoes, take aim and hit George with your best shot.

Then again, George does a lot of ducking, so perhaps it is duck season. Some might say it's duck season because George is a bit of a goose. Oh well, whatever season it is, Hit Bush With Shoe is a sure fire hit flash game and available right now.

C'mon. You know you want to Hit Bush With a Shoe. It doesn't cost a cent to throw a shoe at George Bush!

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Hit Bush With Shoe Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • The more hits you make the more time you get to Hit Bush with a Shoe.
  • Use your mouse to aim and left click to throw a shoe.
  • Try to anticipate where George will pop up next.
  • Throw as many shoes at President Bush as you want, but only a direct hit will score.