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Granny in Paradise Online Platform Game

Play Granny in Paradise online and help poor granny save her cats from the evil Doctor Meow. Collect bonus items through each level, keep the cats safe from pesky dogs and find an exit for all the cats so granny and her furry friends can live a peaceful life.

Play granny In Paradise classic platform game online. It's simply awesome!


Granny in Paradise Online Platform Game

Granny in Paradise Screen shot combo An online game for all the family, Granny in Paradise is a fabulous adventure in the classic arcade style of games where you find items and avoid enemies.

Granny in Paradise is set in rather lush and colorful surroundings and you need to help stranded kittens find a way out in each level. Collect roses that give you bonus points along the way and figure out the best way to get rid of dogs, a very pesky and persistent Tiki Man plus the evil Doctor Meow, who is always up to some no good scheme.

There is over 170 levels combined in 5 different worlds which keep you guessing what is coming up next. There are teleporters to use, floating platforms and all the usual tricks and gadgets you can find in full blown PC games. All this in a flash game that is totally free to play online. Now this is a real treat for all.

If you like, there is the choice of downloading the free trial to your PC or getting the full game so you can play off-line. I think bookmarking this page and coming back here to play Granny In Paradise online for free is the best choice. :)

Granny In Paradise Online Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Always try and bury the Tiki Man. Dig a hole for him to fall into.
  • Same goes for dogs, quickly dig a hole for them
  • In later levels grow rabid tomatoes to get rid of the Tiki Men
  • Always collect all the kittens at once so you earn bigger bonus scores