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Gold Miner Vegas Free Action Game

Play Gold Miner Vegas online for free, collect gold and travel the world. Totally free to play online, Gold Miner Vegas is simple action game where you find gold then travel from Australia to the bright lights of Las Vegas.

You use a grappling hook in a fishing type of situation and time your casts to collect valuables in the mine. Gold Miner vegas is a great online game for all.


Gold Miner Vegas Free Action Game

Gold Miner Vegas screen combo image Simple fun yet packed with action, Gold Miner Vegas has you collecting gold like a fisherman. You throw down your grappling hook, grab a lump of gold and reel it into your mining cart.

Sounds easy, well you have to get your aim just right and there are lumps of rock which doesn't add a great deal to the bank. Gold is what your after and then there are those pesky rabbit like Bilby's, but at least they are worth some money.

Oh Oh. I knew someone would ask "Whats a Bilby". A Bilby is an Australian long eared marsupial and a very endangered species. Looks something like a cross between a rabbit, a rat and a small kangaroo. What's a Bilby doing in a gold mining game? Well they do live in burrows underground, so fair enough I suppose. Lots of unheard of things happen in gold mining games.

Buy some mining supplies at the local store when you are cashed up. This will make your life easier during the tough days ahead and keep your eye on the gold and your dream alive, you certainly want that trip to Las Vegas.

Play Gold Miner Vegas free online and enjoy the action and adventure mining for gold in far out places.

Gold Miner Vegas screen combo image Gold Miner Vegas Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Time the grappling hook so you get the biggest pieces of gold first
  • Grabbing a Bilby sometimes pays big cash
  • If you can buy the whisky at the store it will make the miner reel in the gold quicker
  • Play Gold Miner Vegas Online No Download