Four Second Fury Action Game

Play Four Second Fury, an exciting game that will blow your mind in a furious frenzy of action packed game play. You have just four seconds to complete each mini game. Of course you can do it!

Four Second Fury game screen image Four Second Fury is certainly what the name states, 4 seconds of pure fast, furious action for each level of the game. It's a fairly easy test of game skill if you had forty minutes to complete but seeing as you have just 4 seconds to digest what's facing you on the screen and put that into action, well there's the name of the game for you.

Four Second Fury is a series of 10 mini games that you must complete in 4 seconds each. Sounds easy, but you have just a blink of the eye to take in what you must perform to finish the game scene before time is up.

Not only is it fast and furious, if you play this often you will actually increase your brain matter, much to the disgust of all those do-gooders out there who think young people play too many computer games for far too long. Ye,s they wouldn't believe that a game such as Four Second Fury could be anything but harmful, certainly not increase your brain power.

So let's not tell those do-gooders and old farts that Four Second Fury is a fantastic game. Let's keep it for the dedicated gamer who likes a challenge because it certainly will challenge every piece of your resolve, trying to beat those four seconds of pure adrenaline pumping, puzzle solving wits.

Oh come on, just play Four Second Fury for yourself and find out how good it is, if you can stand the high action and high probability that you just can't beat this game. Do it now, it only takes four seconds.

Four Second Fury is seriously fantastic!

Four Second Fury Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Keep your fingers on the keyboard and space bar ready for action.
  • Quickly read the instructions on each level and react accordingly.
  • Be quick for 40 seconds and call yourself a winner.
  • Play Four Second Fury Online