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Play Fishing Craze and become a tournament fisherman. Travel around the country, competing in lucrative fishing competitions. Can you become the counties greatest fisherman? Play Fishing Craze online fishing game and get hooked, line and sinkered with the action now!


Fishing Craze Online Fishing Game

Did I ever tell you about the big one that got away? Well.. hang on, I better tell you about this online fishing game first.

Image of Fishing Craze screen shot.Think how good it would be to travel around the country, competing in lucrative fishing competitions. If this sounds like the ideal lifestyle, play Fishing Craze and test the waters that could lead you down the road to becoming a super duper fishing champ.

Playing Fishing Craze gives a lot more action than the real thing, as you cast your lure to entice those big fish to take the bait. Using your mouse, you click and time your casts, hopefully hooking the big one before your competition does. Fishing Craze game play is similar to free online fishing games like Clean Sagar, just much more polished and professionally presented.

Choose your character and start fishing for trout with toothy grins or big puffy faced pike. Characters come in both the male and female genders, so there's a fisherman or fisherwoman suited for every player of each gender. You not only catch fish, you can also hook pearls or lost idols that will let you buy boat upgrades and there are always new lures and equipment to purchase that will net you a larger catch.

Once you start pulling in the big ones, you do have to periodically unload, as boats can only hold a certain amount without sinking. Each level is passed by reaching certain ribbon awards and there are enough twists and potential hazards, like electric eels and blasting whales, to keep away the tedious boredom.

Fishing Craze is a fabulous, fun filled adventure game with action packed fishing competitions against rivals that are so serious about their angling, you need to keep your hooks sharp or be sunk down to the briny bottom, with all the aquatic grace of a bloated puffer fish.

Fishing Craze Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Left click your mouse to lower or raise your fishing line
  • When you hook a fish it will fly out of the water, you must then position your boat to catch the fish.
  • You can steal other competitors fish as they come out of the water. But watch out.
  • Of course they can also steal your catch.
  • Collect power-up bearing bubbles and retrieve treasures to earn upgrades and new lures.
  • Watch out for electrifying eels, swordfish that cut your line and whales that can blow you out of the water.
  • Play online fishing game, Fishing Craze now, no download!