Play Fairy Treasure Online Action Game

Play Fairy Treasure game, enjoy fast paced brick busting action. Totally free to play online, Fairy Treasure game is played on over 150 levels of exciting action.

Fairy Treasure screen imageIn typical breakout style action, you set forth on a quest to recover magical jewels and great treasure of Trollandia, smashing bricks into powder to make your way through each level that brings you closer and closer to your ultimate goal.

Fairy Treasure is not some new ground breaking game, yet brings the much loved brick busting action back into the realms of game players with a visual delight of fairy dust, golden coins and ball thumping magic.

You know the game play well, you have a paddle at the bottom of the screen and you bump a ball into the air busting whatever it hits. When the ball comes back down you must hit it back up to stay alive. Basic brick buster in everyway.

Where Fairy Treasure becomes really enjoyable is the amount of graphical splendor the developers have weaved into the game and with 150 plus levels to conquer, this is a game that will take a good amount of time to beat.

Good luck on your quest. Play Fairy Treasure for free online.

Fairy Treasure Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use the paddle to hit the ball into the bricks
  • Collect the falling gems and coins with the paddle
  • The more coins and gems you collect the greater the amount of lives you receive