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Cherry Bomb is tetris like challenge with exploding blocks. Cherry Bomb takes classic Tetris to a new level, with awesome explosives to rid the rows of unwanted blocks. Fun and full of action, play Cherry Bomb tetris game online now.


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Cherry Bomb game screen shot image If you like to play tetris, then this offering from has a slight twist on the original fun. Cherry Bomb introduces, bombs, rockets and fireworks to the usual block matching game and with colored blocks giving extra points, the fun just keeps getting more and more enjoyable.

Having explosives to get rid of blocks does help you keep the screen down to a manageable size. As in normal tetris games, you use the keyboard arrows to move the falling blocks into position and the up arrow to turn the block in the shape you want so it can fit neatly into place.

Making solid lines clears a row with Cherry Bombs being able to be blown up when you like by hitting the space bar. As a new twist on an old favorite, Cherry Bomb takes Tetris to a new level, which seems to just give the overall game a fresher feel.

Luckily Cherry Bomb is a totally free game, as there are hundreds of Tetris clones in gameland all vying for your share of attention. This is quite good, runs smoothly and will keep you occupied for as long as you have the competitive spirit to beat your own best score.

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Cherry Bomb Game Hints, Tips.

  • Firecrackers blow up boxes all around them.
  • Rockets blow up all boxes in a row.
  • You can capture Cherry Bombs when they are in a row that is removed.
  • Use the spacebar to set off a Cherry Bomb and blow up the bottom row.