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Cascading Cubes Action Game

Play Cascading Cubes online, avoid the falling cubes while collecting gems. How long can you survive the falling cubes. The more gems you collect the bigger you grow, then things get very deadly.

Evade the Cascading Cubes and survive the challenge. It's not easy, but you like it that way.


Cascading Cubes Action Game

Cascading Cubes Screen Image There is no mystery surrounding this fun online game, Cascading Cubes is simply an action based game where you try your best to avoid a cascade of falling blocks while collecting gems that appear on the screen.

Cascading Cubes is a simple yet absorbing game where the keyboard is used to control the figure and that's about it. No story line, no nothing, just collect the gems and dodge the falling cubes if you can. As you collect the gems they make you grow which makes evading the cascading cubes harder.

There are 3 different game modes, Time Trial, Survival and Multiplayer.

Time Trial has you collecting as many gems which earn points within a given time. Keep away from the falling blocks and see if you can improve on your score each time you play.

Survival mode is where you must keep playing until you get squished while collecting those gems. In survival mode you do get the chance to perhaps score a few more points and make the game last longer.

Multiplayer mode is just that. Share with your friends at home by using different keyboard strokes and defeat your opponent. This is tons of fun, challenging and something to pass time on a rainy day.

Cascading Cubes Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Dodge the falling cubes while collecting gems
  • Hit the up arrow to grab the gems when you are small
  • Once you have grown there is no need to jump for the gems which makes it a little easier to quickly move away from danger
  • You don't lose health unless the blocks drop directly on your head, so you can let them hit your side without penalty
  • Play Cascading Cubes Online No Download