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Bubble Tanks Online Action Game

Play Bubble Tanks online action game. Pop bubbles before they pop you. The world is full of dirty unclean bubbles. You have been nominated as the bubble popper and designated with the job of destroying all the unclean bubbles of the world. Pop those dirty bubbles and survive their wrath.

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Play Bubble Tanks Online Action Game

Bubble Tanks Screen Combo Image Another good effort from Armour Games where you float through large tanks destroying unclean and unwanted bubbles. Fairly simple game where you shoot bubbles as you go from game frame to game frame, but watch out as they can shoot you.

It's a little like a space ship game where you use the mouse to aim and shoot and keyboard configuration to guide yourself around the screen.

Would have been a little more user friendly if you could steer the bubbles using the mouse, so all the controls were in the one place, but hey, it's a small gripe to an otherwise good game, and not forgetting that it's totally free to play, that can be overlooked.

Have a go at Bubble Tanks and see what you think!

Bubble Tanks Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use the mouse to aim and left click to shoot
  • By default the key board controls are W,A,S,D.
  • You can change the configuration to suit your fingers better.
  • Once you have popped a few bubbles, gather the remaining ones around your vessel and they will work as a shield and protect you.