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Play Brickz 2 Tower Building Game

Play Brickz 2 free online and try to build a tall tower with bricks. Testing free online game, Brickz 2 will challenge your building ability and balance. Totally free to play right here in your browser, Brickz 2 is an action game, but don't rush as it does take a steady hand to build tall towers.

No sign-up or email required to play, just enjoy the simple game play and build the highest tower possible.


Play Brickz 2 Tower Building Game

Brickz 2 screen shot image Brickz! 2 is not a game for those without patience. To build a high tower takes cunning, good planning and lots of patience as there's no rushing in this game.

What you have to achieve in Brickz! 2 is to rearrange the blocks on the platform to construct the tallest tower possible without knocking the other blocks from the foundation base. Sounds easy doesn't it? Ahhhh but wait until you try this tower building game for yourself.

The bricks are highly sensitive to any movement so be careful not to bump or shake the other bricks or it's game over. Brickz! 2 will test your building prowess and your patience to the max.

As a free game, Brickz! 2 is a fantastic quick fix and will keep you amused for as long as you want to keep trying. You start with just 3 bricks and there are 20 levels, with each level having more bricks and the difficulty increasing.

As a flash game, the developers have kept it simple. Graphics are absolutely basic, yet the game play is challenging enough to addict you if you have that competitive streak. Or perhaps you might be the type of person who just thinks this is a sucky, stupid game.

Personally I thought the latter at first, then tried to build some towers and was caught in the web of game play which tests resolve and guile. I got to the tenth level before stopping to write this review. How high can you build your tower?

Brickz Game Hints, Tips

  • Use the mouse to drag and drop bricks to stack them up as high as possible
  • Grab the brick you want to move as close to it's center as possible
  • Place the brick gently as a bump can send other bricks toppling off the foundation base
  • Balance is the key.
  • Play Brickz 2 online. It's awesome!