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Blastor Action Game

Play Blastor online and zoom through the air like a superhero. Blast off with a jet propelled backpack through a volcano cavern. Avoid dangerous rocks and obstacles while collecting fuel and armor power-ups.

Great free action packed flash game. No download, just totally free to play online. Join the fun and action now and enjoy the challenge of flying with Blastor, the volcanic superhero.


Play Blastor Action Game Online

Blastor screen Image So you think you can fly? Well think again because once you blast off in the fabulous game, your on your own my friend.

Blastor is a simple flying game where the action is fast and furious. You must guide and intrepid daredevil through an underground cavern inside a volcano, which is a rather amazing feat within itself.

Collect powerups to keep Blastor in the air and dodge rocks and other volcanic matter, which will blow your tanks to smithereens if you fail to avoid the obstacles.

This would be a fabulous game if it had the ability to submit your score and gauge yourself against other superheroes that surely wouldn't have the game skill that you have.

Try Blastor for free below and bookmark the page for later if you ever want to fly through a volcano again. I think this game will put a smile on a lot of gamers dials.

Blastor Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Collect fuel power-ups and dodge rocks as you soar through the fiery volcano.
  • Keep an eye on your fuel levels or you might crash!
  • Use you mouse to guide Blastor through the caverns
  • See how far you can fly.