Alex in Danger action game logo image Alex in Danger Action Game

Play Alex in Danger for free online, no download. Help Alex battle the spiny creatures and road spikes while collecting a fortune in precious gems. Grab huge bonuses but danger awaits for those who ignore the pitfalls and dangerous creatures.

Awesome platform game with lots of impressive levels. Make Alex In Danger a favorite!


Play Alex in Danger Action Game

Alex in Danger screen image combo Alex in Danger is a platform arcade game of the old ilk and just fabulous fun to play. Jump from platform to platform, shooting creatures and picking up bonus points, which brings back memories of the good old days of Nintendo and the Mario Brothers.

The story is that you help Alex collect gems and laser ammunition while dodging and disintegrating obstacles. Reach the exits in each stage as quickly as possible for the biggest bonus. But watch out for spikes and savage wildercreatures. The path is fraught with danger, but the rewards are great in Alex in Danger!

This is good fun with basic cartoon type graphics and certainly a challenge to those of us with normal platform game reflexes. I like the different sound effects, especially the one when poor Alex loses a life. Hope that it's not just my warped sense of humor.

As a free online game, this rates up there with the best for pure entertainment value. Play Alex in Danger as often as you like and bookmark this page now so you can come back and help Alex often.

Alex In Danger Game Hints, Tips

  • Use the arrow keys to move around the game screen
  • Press the space bar to shoot