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TBA Free Action Game

Play TBA an exciting action arcade game where anything goes and everything is possible. Time your jumps so you move from one block to the next, but concentrate as the going gets tough very early. Play TBA online and enjoy the mind blowing action from start to finish.


TBA Free Action Game

TBA screen image Another heart pumping game developed by Armor Games that has you scratching your head at first but enjoying the beat of the music and frantic visual effects.

To play TBA you need to time your jumps so you move from one block to the next. The first few scenes are easy then the going gets tough from there on in.

If you like free action games you may like TBA, but be prepared to be confused about the overall game scenario as most of the Armor games are not big on story lines. Still this is good for rainy days and Mondays, and it's totally free!.

I think it was called TBA because they couldn't think of a name at the time so it's kinda "To Be Announced".

TBA Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use the space bar to move from one block to the next
  • Don't miss as you will lose time or even have to start over
  • Finish all 25 levels under par and declare yourself supreme commander of cannon-influenced casual games!