Squeezed Action Game

Squeezed action game logo image Play Squeezed online, a new fast, free action game, and keep your star shining brightly. Fabulous free action game with heart pumping music and exciting fast paced arcade game play. Stay alive in the skies, play Squeezed online for free now!

Squeezed is a quick game that gets your heart pumping and your reflexes sharp. The story goes that you have to keep your ambitions to be a shining star alive for as long as you can, while other stars try to put the squeeze on you and oust you from the heavens.

Squeezed may not take the trophy for the best game graphics, it certainly won't get rewarded for repeatability and it will miss out winning an Oscar for best story line for flash games, but it sure takes some skill to survive in the night skies while all those other stars are growing their own reputations around you.

I give it a 3 from 5 rating just for the pure excitement that a good flash game gives the player. Proves you don't need a story line or game longevity to keep some people happy and occupied for a short time.

What I like about the Squeezed game is the music and the way the developers have introduced new stars with that brilliant flash of shooting star splashing onto the screen. Adds that touch of brilliance. Armor Games does this part well in most of their flash games.

Play Squeezed below totally free and enjoy all the online action trying to keep your star alive. Can you survive for thirty seconds? Play Squeezed online now to find out how good you are.

Squeezed Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Use your mouse to evade other stars
  • Don't panic as moving too quickly may make you hit other stars by accident
  • If you see a star growing keep as far away from it as possible