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Play Captain Coppergravel Online Space Game

Play Captain Coppergravel and fly through outer space avoiding asteroid belts that will smash your spaceship. Play Captain Coppergravel free online, great action game with game hints, tips to help you score big numbers.


Play Captain Coppergravel Online Space Game

Captain Coppergravel game screen shot image Test your hand eye coordination in this simple yet exciting space action game from Jared Riley and Steve Bohner.

The object of Captain Coppergravel is to fly your spaceship through deep space and collect special stars while avoiding large and small asteroids. Hit one of the asteroids and it's game over, you blow your spaceship to smithereens.

Of course the further you travel into deep space the faster your spaceship flies. Go far enough into space and you could end up at warp speed, now that's a scary thought as it would be almost impossible to avoid those floating rocks at that speed.

See how many points you can rack up by collecting those stars. Captain Coppergravel is free to play online, so try as often as you like and keep increasing your best score. Captain Coppergravel is a good online action game for those moments when you just need to do nothing but enjoy yourself for awhile.

Captain Coppergravel Game Hints, Tips, Cheats

  • Your mouse pointer will turn into a spaceship
  • As Captain Coppergravel, you guide your spaceship through space by moving your mouse cursor around the screen
  • If you miss some stars you can go backward again to collect them
  • Try to play with the spaceship more to the left of screen so you can see what is coming and plan your moves ahead