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Play free action games online

Listed below are some of the best action games that are totally free to play online, no download, no sign-up and no registration needed to play. Just wait for the game to load in your browser and enjoy the action totally free. Come back often as new action games are added to our website regularly.


Play Online Action Games

Play free online action games, great list of best action games in this popular game genre. Click the link and wait for your browser to load the game of your choice, then get ready to enjy the fabulous action.

We add new action games regularly so come back often to play free action games for the latest offerings. Most games have html code so you can embed your favorite action games to your website free.


Gold Miner Vegas ImageGold Miner Vegas
Mine for gold Down Under, collect enough and travel to the bright lights of Las Vegas. One of the best!
Granny In Paradise
Help granny escape from the evil Dr. Meow.
Blastor Space Action game ImageBlastor
Zoom through the air like a superhero. Blast off with a jet propelled backpack through a volcano cavern.
Brickz game imageBrickz 2
Awesome action game, but don't rush as it does take a steady hand to build tall towers with bricks.
Bubble tanks imageBubble Tanks
The world is full of dirty unclean bubbles. Pop dirty bubbles before they pop you.
Captain Coppergravel ImageCaptain Coppergravel
Test your hand eye coordination in this simple yet exciting space action game. Captain Coppergravel to the rescue!
Cascading Cubes ImageCascading Cubes
Avoid the falling cubes while collecting gems. How long can you survive those Cascading Cubes?
Elevatorz Game Image Elevatorz
Help Mr Jitters get to his office safely. Ride the Elevatorz but don't get squished.
Alex In Danger Alex In Danger
Help Alex battle the spiny creatures and road spikes while collecting a fortune in precious gems.
Four Second Fury ImageFour Second Fury
Four Second Fury is a series of 10 mini games that you must complete in 4 seconds.
Fairy Treasure Game ImageFairy Treasure
In typical breakout style action, you set forth on a quest to recover magical jewels and great treasure in Fairy Quest.
Fishing game image Fishing Craze
Test your skill in a fabulous fishing competition.
Kalorie King Weight Loss Game Kalorie King
Calorie counting weight loss game. Eat good food, throw away junk food.
Hot Bush With Shoe Game Hit Bush With Shoe
Throw a shoe at President George Bush and live to play another game. Hit Bush with shoe is awesome!
Tilt and Roll online marbles game Tilt & Roll
Online marbles game, Tilt & Roll ball to collect high points.
Cherry Bomb Tetris Game Cherry Bomb
Tetris action with exploding blocks. Lots of explosions and noise in classic tetris game.
Jumpin Jack game ImageJumpin Jack
Jumpin Jack takes you on a journey that's fun and full of action packed levels.
Mouze Maze game ImageMouze Maze
Play Mouze Maze online and plot your way through the maze of mystery.
Squeezed game imageSqueezed Star Game
Play Squeezed online, a new fast, free action game, and keep your star shining brightly.
TBA game imageT B A Action Epic
To play TBA you need to time your jumps so you move from one block to the next.
Worm Sojourn game ImageWorm Sojourn
Guide Winston Worm through minefield of red bricks. Touch one and Winston may die.Great online action game.